Page Design

Real-time Editing & Design can offer any level of service required from complete design of pages, sourcing the artwork and placing the copy, or simply sub-editing and revising copy and content chosen and placed by the client.

We can follow strict guidelines and templates at a client’s request to designing pages from a blank canvas. Flexibility is essential and key.

We can do everything editorially from start to finish: commission, write, design, edit, revise, sign off and send to print, or we can just provide a copy-editing service.

We can integrate into a workflow at any stage, leaving the customer with as much control as they need over the process.

All our work is overseen and revised by senior journalists with a wealth of experience in newspapers and magazines. We have specialists in our teams for all platforms such as news, features, sport, business, lifestyle and supplements.

With RE&D, the choice is yours.

Check out for an example of what we can do.

Content Commissioning & Supply

Individual clients have the flexibility to retain as little or as much input into the content of the publications being produced by Real-time Editing & Design.

We are more than willing to work with any third party necessary to the content delivery workflow process of any client.

On a bespoke basis, RE&D have the capacity to manage content at any level. From simply working with supplied content, sub-editing and revising copy, to writing and sourcing all content, dependent on publication. At RE&D we welcome clear client direction but also relish being given a free rein to illustrate our skill set.

Picture editing…

As with all RE&D services, this is tailored to your requirements. We can select and place pictures, crop them, colour-correct them and write the captions.  All work is overseen and signed off by senior editors.

Specialist writers…

RE&D can provide experienced staff adept at writing copy for all sectors including motoring, sport, travel, finance, lifestyle etc. We also work on Irish language publications.

Sub-editing & Proofing

At Real-time Editing & Design we embrace the utmost importance of accuracy, attention to detail, authorship and adhering to particular instruction. Any work produced and furnished to clients will have been supervised and reviewed by our vastly experienced backbench.

Our testimony is in the plethora of high-quality publications we currently produce including Irish Independent, Belfast Telegraph, Evening Herald, and Sunday Independent, to name but a few.

At RE&D, we take pride in our ability to embrace and adhere to numerous daily, challenging deadlines across large quantities of publications for various clients in a professional, efficient and effective manner. Communication is vital. Time is money!

Website and apps content management

Real-time Editing and Design can offer a complete bespoke service to handle a client’s internet site both for design and placement of stories and to build pages for iPad editions.

The level of service and involvement required is pitched to match the needs of the individual client.