TV listings service
RE&D is a key provider of TV listings pages for both newspapers and magazines and can deliver in any format the client requires. We are as comfortable producing pages for daily newspapers as we are for glossy magazines. Each week we produce both daily pages and seven-day weekly guides for our portfolio of clients.

Bespoke service

RE&D is unique: we provide a TV listings service that is completely tailored to the client’s requirements. This is because we understand that not all magazines and newspapers have the same reader profile and that your listings need to reflect your readership and your target audience. RE&D’s major strength in the TV listings market is that we can and do write listings and features according to your exact editorial specification. At the heart of this is an expert knowledge of how to write brand-specific listings for your readership.

RE&D is not a copy and paste, one-size-fits-all organisation; we are committed to tailoring your listings for your newspapers and magazines.

Personal service

We believe in the value of personal contact. You can guarantee a strong relationship with the RE&D journalists working on your pages and be secure in the knowledge that the same people are preparing your listings week in, week out. All our clients know who their main point of contact is, and all the names of the people working on their TV team.

We very much see ourselves working alongside you – with a common aim: to make sure that the pages we deliver are a seamless part of your editorial offer.

All our clients will tell you that our personal service is one of the things that mark us out against our competitors.

Service Ability

We have never missed a deadline. We can guarantee that, even when the TV schedules are being ripped up we have the capacity to deliver the pages on time.

With more than 100 journalists working in the company, we also have the ability to draw on the services of our experienced news, features and sport teams, which gives us additional flexibility.

As the company has the potential to operate out of two sites, we can guarantee a high level of business continuity.

Deadline Driven

We are very focused on hitting deadlines – without compromising quality. RE&D’s team of sub-editors is constantly tracking changes and amendments to ensure each page is as up-to-date as it possibly can be when delivered to our clients.

At the same time, our team is very proactive: we always chase up broadcasters to guarantee the best and most accurate information possible.

Editorial quality

RE&D is very much an editorial company. We employ only experienced journalists and in our TV division we insist on a proven track record in producing TV listings and features pages to a high standard. For every person we employ there are another 100 who do not meet our rigorous demands.

There is a culture of editorial excellence that runs through the whole company – from senior management through to the most junior editorial assistant.

We apply the same editorial standards to TV pages as we do to any other journalistic discipline. We understand that TV listings pages are very much part of the editorial package and need to meet the same levels of accuracy style and flair.

We understand too that the standard of TV pages is a reflection on the rest of the newspaper and that, in these competitive times, our clients need to rely on us to deliver the best possible TV package.

At the core of editorial quality is accuracy. Everything we do is proofed. You can guarantee that no page will leave our office without having been seen by at least two pairs of experienced eyes.

Check out our editorial content at or browse our TV listings online.

For further information contact:

Scott Longmate (Managing Editor)

Janice Turkington (Office Manager)